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Every Nisolo product comes with a Sustainability Facts Label. What's this?

Ask for the facts.

The fashion industry continues to have a devastating impact on People and the Planet. So, we include a Nisolo Sustainability Facts Label with each of our products, scoring them across 200 sustainability metrics to clarify their individual social and environmental impact, promote greater transparency, and hold ourselves and the industry more accountable.

See something you like? Check the facts, too.

Explore our Sustainability Framework

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Embraced by our community and recognized by editors.

At Nisolo, we cherish the invaluable feedback from our vibrant community and seasoned editors who have witnessed the evolution of fashion. Explore our Press Hub, a curated collection of recent media accolades – reminiscent of the moment Vogue declared us as "worth the hype." Join us on this journey towards ethical fashion, where customer love and editorial acclaim converge.

In The Press

"Sustainable, ethical shoes that are actually chic."

"There’s a backlash against fashion made in countries where workers toil in deplorable conditions. Nisolo wants to keep these workers safe and employed."

"The businesses that practice transparent, ethical and responsible business practices that are embedded into their business models."

"Nisolo shoes and boots exude effortless style that's rooted in versatility, comfort, and quality."

From Our Customers

"Stunningly chic, versatile, and comfortable straight out of the box."

“Hands down one of the best puchases I've made in the last year. They are comfortable and stylish and I get at least one compliment every time I wear them."

"High quality, great craftsmanship, and extremely comfortable."

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Feel free to reach out and let's chat! Discover Nisolo's transformative journey, where responsibly made designs and timeless craftsmanship come together. Media outlets, we'd love to connect with you and share our genuine narrative of conscious fashion – drop us a message at! 🌟

Hey there, potential affiliates! Join the Nisolo family and let's create something special together. Be part of a movement that values authenticity. Whether you're a content creator or an enthusiastic supporter, we're excited to explore partnership opportunities with you. Let's spread the word about conscious fashion – reach out to, and let the collaboration begin!

Calling all influencers! Embark on a journey with Nisolo, where every step tells a story of sustainable elegance. If you resonate with authenticity, style, and conscious living, we'd love to collaborate with you. Let's create impactful content together and inspire your audience with the beauty of ethical fashion. Send us an email at – we can't wait to connect! 🌿✨

Ready to dive into the Nisolo experience? Choose from the tabs above to submit your inquiries. We welcome media, affiliate, and influencer collaborations that align with our values and vision.

Key Opportunities

Media Coverage

Immerse yourself in Nisolo's media presence, featured in leading publications that celebrate our commitment to style with purpose.

Affiliate Partnerships

Explore partnerships that go beyond the ordinary. Join our affiliate program and be part of a community that values quality, integrity, and shared success.

Influencer Collaborations

Elevate your influence with Nisolo. We collaborate with influencers who share our passion for authenticity, sustainability, and style.

Why Choose Nisolo?

Timeless Craftsmanship

Experience the artistry behind each Nisolo piece, a testament to timeless design and ethical craftsmanship.

Always Responsibly Made

Join a movement towards conscious fashion. Nisolo is committed to sustainable practices, ensuring a positive impact on people and the planet.

Trusted By Industry Leaders

Nisolo has garnered recognition from big names in the industry, earning trust and accolades from renowned platforms.

Ask for The Facts

Ask for The Facts

A New Standard for Transparency

A New Standard for Transparency

Learn more about our Sustainability Facts Label.

Learn more about our Sustainability Facts Label.


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