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What To Do When Your Leather Shoes Get Wet

We’ve all been there. You dressed for a beautiful day only to be surprised with rain and the realization that your leather shoes are about to get very wet. If and when it happens to you, follow these steps to prevent them from being ruined.


Towel dry any water that you can right away.
Do not use a hair dryer to speed up the process as heat will dry out the leather.


Stuff the inside of your shoes with newspaper.
You can use a towel as well, but the goal is to draw moisture out of your shoe so it doesn’t seep farther in. This will help prevent mold from growing.


Let your shoes dry slowly at room temperature.
Don’t put them by a fireplace as the heat will dry out the leather. We don’t recommend putting them outside as wind can bring more dirt and debris to your shoes.


Follow up with leather cleaner and conditioner once dry.
This ensures consistency in the leather. You want both shoes to look clean, especially in circumstances when only one part of your shoe got wet.

BONUS TIP: Place them upright against the wall so the sole is 30 degrees from the floor or where it best promotes drying. You can also hang your shoes toe-down so water will drain off of the shoe. This will help your leather soles dry quickly instead of leaving them parallel to the ground.


Cedar shoe trees help your leather from drying out and prevent wrinkling in the shoe. Once your shoes are completely dry, you can place these in your pair at any time.


There are a few things you can do to prevent your shoes from being ruined if you get caught in unexpected weather. Just remember that not all leather can be treated the same way. Jak Snow Magic Spray is an eco-friendly, non-toxic treatment for nubuck, suede, and canvas. Any leather that has a nap or soft texture to them. It creates an invisible and breathable coating on your shoes and bags to prevent water damage. For smooth leathers, use Tarrago Nano Protector or a wax based polish to seal the pores so water rolls off your shoe.




  1. Spray the clean surface evenly at a distance of about 5 -10 cm away until the surface is damp everywhere. Gently rub the spray into the surface with a soft clean nylon or nubuck to help the solution bond with the surface.
  2. Allow to dry for 15 minutes. Then repeat step one.
  3. Leave to air dry for 24 hours. Then test the protection level by putting a small amount of water on your shoe or bag to see if it rolls off. If necessary re-apply to make sure the entire surface is covered and protected.

Check the weather and buy products that are practical for you and your environment. If you live in Portland, opt for styles with water-resistant leather and rubber soles.


If you think it might rain, we recommend wearing shoes that have been treated to withstand the elements. While these shouldn’t replace your rubber rain boots, our styles for men and women feature water-resistant leather uppers and rubber soles to protect your feet when you can’t depend on weather apps.


A great way to live sustainably is to shop for your lifestyle and practice proper shoe care maintenance. By wearing and caring for your Nisolo products, you will notice that they only get better with age, as the leathers develop unique patinas and create the perfect well-loved look.

If you have a pair that is beyond repair, find a shoe repair shop on Yelp to see if they’re salvageable, if they’re not, send them to us. We’ll do our best to give them a new life.


Have more questions? Our Customer Experience Team is here to help! Email or chat us during business hours Monday through Friday.

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